Ten Things You’ll Wish You Had While Traveling Abroad

  1. Converter
    This will save your life, more than once. Keeping cameras, phones and laptops charged are crucial to capturing your time abroad and keeping your followers happy! Not to mention, keeping your curling iron accessible for your photo-op with the famous Ponte Vecchio in Florence, Italy!
  2. Laptop/Tablet
    laptop .jpg
    Although you may be thinking, duh! I know. If you’re not going abroad for school then why would you need a laptop? Easy. Netflix! For nights you’re feeling homesick and want to watch your favorite series to remind yourself that America is still there waiting for you, it is easy to find comfort in your favorite shows and movies. It is also great for Skyping with family and friends back home,storing and share the great pictures you’re taking from your camera, and keeping up with your travel blog, of course!
  3. Travel pillow
    travel pillow.jpg
    When packing for going abroad I took into consideration where I planned to go and what I planned to do. What I wish I had thought about was packing for the part between–the actual traveling! My travel pillow helped to preserve my sanity along my many encounters with things like 15 hour bus rides, 4am train rides between cities, and 6 hour layovers accompanied by a lack of sleep and desperation. When traveling abroad, you try to get the most out of each city. Often times sleep isn’t an option, so optimizing your travel time for sleeping is key!
  4. Water bottle
    In America, we take water for granted. One question I have and still do not know the answer to is how are Europeans not dehydrated? I ask this because when I was living in Europe, WINE IS CHEAPER THAN WATER. Water is not free, and often quite expensive. Water is also not as easily accessible as it is here in America. Trust me, you’ll be back to thank me!
  5. American medicine
    One thing that is certain when traveling the globe, it will take a toll on your body! Nothing major, but more than once you may find yourself wishing you had thing like DayQuil, Melatonin, and Advil. They have similar products but they are often difficult to obtain and a bit costly.
  6. Walking shoes
    walking shoes.jpg
    This may seem typical, but shoes that won’t hurt or easily break from extensive walking will save your life. Abroad, walking is extremely convenient and common. Especially as a visitor, it takes time to understand a city’s public transportation system and often times you won’t be in one city for enough time to learn it. Also, with a language barrier it can be confusing and difficult to end up where you want to be. With everything being so close together, walking is a cheaper and more efficient way to get from place to place.
  7. Portable phone charger
    portable phone charger.jpg
    When you’re constantly using your GPS, social media, and phone camera–simultaneously you are mostly likely watching your battery life depleting. The last thing you want is to be out in a city all day and miss the opportunity for a photo-op because your phone died. A portable phone charger will be helpful not only in the cities themselves but during travel as well.
  8. Carry-on luggage
    Although flights themselves abroad may be cheaper, they definitely make up for the loss in luggage charges. The cheapest way to travel is with luggage that is carry-on size. You will most likely already be emptying your pockets once you reach your destination, so saving a few bucks along the way can’t hurt. Especially when checking a bag could cost 50-80 euro. Not to mention, you will most likely be sleep deprived and exhausted, so having a bunch of luggage is not ideal anyways. Pack light and carry-on!
  9. American foods you can’t live without
    Have you ever had a craving for your favorite food and had to run to the store late at night to buy it? Imagine the store being an ocean and a few countries away. You may want to bring a couple of your favorite American snacks. It helps with homesickness and those late night cravings. The food abroad is incredible, but there are some things you just can’t live without!
  10. Personal locks
    locks.jpgWhen you’re traveling, often times the places you stay (AirBnBs, hostiles, etc), are still accessible to others. You are in a foreign place and unfortunately in places like Europe, they won’t hurt you, but they want your stuff. Having a personal lock, or a few, for luggage, hostile cubbies, apartment closest, etc., will not only give you piece of mind, but save you a lot of hassle in case someone gets ahold of your money or passport! Also, maybe an extra one to put on a famous monument or landmark to leave your small mark in a big world!

I hope these tips were helpful and eased your mind a little. The preparation part of traveling is the most stressful part. If you prepare well, you are bound to have a great time! (Eh, you will have an incredible time regardless).

Leave me a comment telling me some of your essentials when it comes to travel 🙂



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